The End MC

How to Join The End MC

No problem, just send us a cheque or postal order for three and fourpence halfpenny along with a part of the foundation stone from the Pharos at Alexandria and the missing parts of the Venus De Milo and we will send your rockers, if you can send a couple of hens teeth that may speed the application along.

On a serious note, it never ceases to amaze me how people think they can buy their way into an MC club. What is even worse is when they think that purchasing some fantasy colours from an online store makes them a back patch club member. I would have a lot more time for a young guy turning up on his moped and wanting to join than these wannabes. At least you can help the youngster with advice and guidance and maybe in return you will eventually get a new hang around and prospect. The patch buying wannabe has no place in any club whatever colours they wear. Their behaviour insults all those who have earned their patches whatever they are.

If you really do want to join an MC club then start at the bottom, get involved in rally and riders clubs then an MCC club and eventually you can make yourself known to your local MC. There is NO easy path, if you are exceptional you may get noticed earlier than most but thats about it. And by the way, be yourself, bullshitting clubs always ends badly, always with a parting of the ways.
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