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The truth

The truth, what is it ? Many people believe that the truth is simply a statement of what actually happened. Unfortunately nothing could be further from the (ahem) truth. I am driving at the vast array of opinion on the truth that we (the public) are fed by our governments and news organisations no matter from where you hail. NOBODY has a monopoly on the truth.

In the biking world we are very familiar with the press and others just making up stories to suit their own agenda. But we are not unique when it comes to being the recipients of unjust reporting. It applies to the average guy on the street as well as governments and national organisations, it just depends on the motives and agendas of those that are doing the reporting. Here is an example, last weekend the Russian press was reporting on an initiative proposed by their foreign minister, there was no mention of this on the news wires of either the UK or the United States until that is the following Wednesday when both the UK and US started lecturing the Russians on adopting the proposal. The Western press never did mention who made the initial proposal, did they have an interest in twisting the truth, of course they did. Now I am not supporting the Russians here as I have said before, everyone has an agenda (including the Russians). What I am saying is that before you get fixated on any particular point of view do your research. Those that pedal their point of view rely on your laziness (in research) to have their twisted version of the truth to be disseminated around the community.

So how do you do this research and how do you find the truth. Let me take those items in reverse order. Finding the truth, you are not going to but you can get close. Which brings me to the research, its easy, firstly have an open mind, whether or not the initial story fits with your agenda and mindset. Secondly read the same story from multiple sources, thats at least 3 for each news story, take in the information and somewhere between the extremes of opinion is the truth or at least the version that you are willing to accept as the truth.

Here are a few news links.

Try it yourself, go to one, pick a story and follow it up on the other sites. For a cat up a tree story in the Western press you will find; "Cat stuck up tree, probably driven up there for fear of invasion from Russia, Obama and and Cameron call for regime change in the cats ownership but until then there will be a no cat food to Russia sanction. " The Russian press will report; "Cat stuck up tree, forced there by the imperialist intentions of the West. Russia warns Obama and Cameron that mother Russia will defend the owners right to allow their cat up a tree and for the cat to stay there, they will also call for a vote in the security council condemning the unwarranted cat food sanctions." Oh well.

And don't forget the above applies to what people tell you as well.

Have fun.


How to Join The End MC

No problem, just send us a cheque or postal order for three and fourpence halfpenny along with a part of the foundation stone from the Pharos at Alexandria and the missing parts of the Venus De Milo and we will send your rockers, if you can send a couple of hens teeth that may speed the application along.

On a serious note, it never ceases to amaze me how people think they can buy their way into an MC club. What is even worse is when they think that purchasing some fantasy colours from an online store makes them a back patch club member. I would have a lot more time for a young guy turning up on his moped and wanting to join than these wannabes. At least you can help the youngster with advice and guidance and maybe in return you will eventually get a new hang around and prospect. The patch buying wannabe has no place in any club whatever colours they wear. Their behaviour insults all those who have earned their patches whatever they are.

If you really do want to join an MC club then start at the bottom, get involved in rally and riders clubs then an MCC club and eventually you can make yourself known to your local MC. There is NO easy path, if you are exceptional you may get noticed earlier than most but thats about it. And by the way, be yourself, bullshitting clubs always ends badly, always with a parting of the ways.