The End MC


30th Anniversary of The End MC

30 years ago the present incarnation of The End MC was formed. At its formation there were those that said it would never last, those that were happy and those that were just anti biker and thought that we should have all been shipped off to some barren offshore island to die as quickly as possible. Thankfully the naysayers and biker haters have been proven wrong again. Not only has the club survived, it has prospered and now have an almost never ending queue of those wanting to hang around and prospect.
In those years we have sadly had some members pass away, some have retired others have taken Life membership (for service to the club) some have moved on to other clubs and a small number have fallen by the wayside but with an ever growing membership the club still survives and prospers. Without doubt the next 30 years will see many more of us pass on, even more will retire or take Life membership but one thing is for sure, The End MC will still be going strong.