The End MC


Welcome to our new website. We spent some time thinking about how the new site was going to look and feel to visitors and we came up with this. It is a major departure from the style of site we used to have and in fact very different from nearly all other bike club sites. You should find that the site is "responsive" meaning that it will adapt to the device that you are viewing it on. Viewing on a phone or pad gives a slightly different look than the full size version. We have also changed much of the content that you will find inside. Instead of the full blown photo album there will instead be a smaller album with selected pics that will be updated. Right now there is not a guestbook (more about that later) but we hope to add one later. You will find that the history page has returned unfortunately with another brothers name un-redacted.


For this year the photos in the online album will at the moment consist of old pics in celebration of the clubs 30 year anniversary. After this year pics will return to the regular stuff you have seen here before. We hope to update and add to these as and when we have new stuff. BTW the album will now only contain a few selected photos rather than the huge collection we had before. Why? Well the feedback that we have had says that the vast number of pics we had was simply overwhelming and too difficult to navigate. Therefore the reduced size.

Album updated for faster loading.

The history page has been updated. The page content is due a major overhaul which should be completed later this year.

Other than the overall content and the style of the site the next biggest difference is the blog. One thing needs to be made very clear. The views and content expressed in the blog do not necessarily reflect those of the club itself. The blog will just contain the tortured thoughts of some of the members who want to post there. For info about the Disqus comment system used in the album and blog look here.

On return to this site make sure you reload the page to ensure that you see the latest version.

A quick note about the site content. Please don't copy our intellectual property, that is anything you see on this site. If you want it, ask.